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7 The Tent

“The Tent” is a Mixed Reality cinematic tabletop narrative and a glimpse of the future of immersive entertainment.

A modern fairy tale set in Los Angeles, “The Tent” interrogates the nature of activism and asks the viewer, “What does it take to live a life according to your deepest held values? Why is it so complicated to be a good person?”

A 21-minute experience in two parts for iPadPro, it allows the audience to explore a miniature world from any perspective. Built with volumetric video, it draws upon 2500 years of Acting and Storytelling that is at the core of our shared humanity.

It’s a drama. It's a satire. It's a petite bourgeoise fever dream and a fable for society.

Director: Rory Mitchell
Executive Producer: Rory Mitchell, Martha Marion
Producer: Lou Doye, Sébastien Hameline
Contact: Rory Mitchell, The Mercantile Agency, LLC, rory@themercantile.agency