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6 The Journey Back

The Journey Back: A VR Experience, currently showcased at the Illinois Holocaust Museum, is a trailblazing virtual reality exhibition that harnesses cutting-edge technology to plunge visitors into the deeply moving stories of Holocaust survivors. As it makes its way to SXSW, this exhibition represents a monumental step forward, employing immersive VR storytelling to transform Holocaust remembrance for audiences worldwide. This unique experience offers attendees an exclusive look at three distinct VR films, each having their US film festival debut in Austin. Letters From Drancy, directed by the UK's Darren Emerson, unveils the extraordinary story of Marion Deichmann. Walk to Westerbork, crafted by British director Mary Matheson, narrates the resilience of Rodi Glass. Finally, Escape to Shanghai, led by UK director Charlotte Mikkelborg, recounts the daring escape of Doris Fogel. Together, these films provide a rich, immersive exploration of historical memory, demonstrating the power of VR to deepen our understanding of the past. This exhibition not only highlights the potential of VR in educational contexts but also honours the unwavering spirit of survival against the backdrop of one of history's most harrowing epochs.

Darren Emerson (Director of Letters From Drancy and Creative Director),
Mary Matheson (Director of Walk To Westerbork),
Charlotte Mikkelborg (Director of Escape To Shanghai)
Executive Producer - Ashley Cowan - ash@eastcityfilms.com