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8 Smoke and Mirrors

Soon to be unveiled at SXSW'24 this new project from Beatie Wolfe ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ uses art to communicate 6 decades of climate data, specifically rising methane levels (Smoke), set alongside the verbatim advertising slogans deployed by Big Oil to deflect, discredit and delay (Mirrors) climate awareness through the decades.

This evocative visualisation, with VFX from Parliament, which combines the atmospheric methane concentration with fossil fuel advertising slogans since 1970 until present day, will be set to Wolfe’s “Oh My Heart”, which was released as the world’s first bioplastic record with Michael Stipe and EarthPercent.

‘Smoke and Mirrors’ follows Wolfe’s multi award winning ‘From Green to Red’ unveiled at Nobel Prize Summit and was the largest art piece at COP26.

SXSW XR Experience
12 - 14 March
Thompson Hotel

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Artist: Beatie Wolfe
Contact: Nick Butterworth, nick@beatiewolfe.com