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4 Maya: The Birth of a Superhero

The story of a South Asian girl’s coming of age and the awakening of her sexuality. She must overcome her own shame and fear to find her inner strength and true super-powers. With the arrival of her first period Maya’s world is turned upside down as she is confronted by the restrictive traditions of her conservative family and a world of hidden shame, stigma and taboo in contemporary London.

An odyssey of womanhood and femininity, referencing ancient symbols of spiritual and feminine power, the piece draws together the real and the imaginary to trace possible paths to resilience and justice. The Player must discover a radical power based on self love, care and solidarity.

Directors: Poulomi Basu, CJ Clarke
Executive Producer: Liz Rosenthal
Producers: CJ Clarke (JAPC), Katayoun Dibamehr & Avi Amar (Floréal), Amy Seidenwurm (Meta VR for Good), Jeanne Marchalot (France Télévisions, Francetv Storylab), Ryan Genji Thomas (Meta)
Contact: CJ Clarke, Just Another Production Company, cj@japc.co