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1 Buried in the Rock

"Buried in the Rock" brings us into the world of Tim and Pam Fogg, rope access specialists and speleologists who see exploring caves as akin to an archaeological dig that reveals geological and climate history.

Set in Northern Ireland, this is a portrait of what drives two passionate individuals to discover new caves despite the dangers, darkness and the unknown that lays ahead. While following their descent, the entire cave system is revealed in stunning miniature detail capturing otherworldly formations and sounds. Plunged into darkness, experience the bottom of the cave in true scale and hear from Tim and Pam how vital it is to preserve these environments in the age of the Anthropocene.

Directors: Shehani Fernando, Matthew Shaw / William Trossell
Executive Producer: Matthew Shaw, William Trossell
Producer: Manuela Mesrie, Anetta Jones
Contact: Anetta Jones, ScanLAB Projects, studio@scanlabprojects.co.uk