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17 When Art & Science Unite to Catalyze Change

Pioneering sci-art rebel Beatie Wolfe shares how Art and Science can come together to create the kind of change we need in this world right now. From visualizing and humanizing 800,000 years of CO2 data to releasing the world’s first bioplastic record with Michael Stipe and Brian Eno, Wolfe shares a journey of creating new pathways that didn’t previously exist, continually asking the question of how we activate the kind of awareness that stays with people, shifts perceptions, and makes a tangible difference on the macro and micro scale. Wolfe will also premiere a new project, Smoke and Mirrors, which visualizes methane data alongside Big Oil spin.

11 March, 11.30am
Austin Convention Centre
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Hugh Forrest - SXSW STAFF
Beatie Wolfe