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13 New Scores: Merging Music & Gaming

Music continues to converge with the games world, with major implications for our creative practice, including composition and live performance. From Marshmallow Laser Feast, Robin McNicholas shares his experience as Creative Director on RSC’s Dream, A Midsummer Night’s Dream live in Unreal, with an interactive soundtrack driven by the actors, using software created by composer Jesper Nordin. Nordin will discuss his generative compositional instrument - Reactional - that’s transforming music in Games. Ristband’s CEO Anne McKinnon will discuss their gaming platform for live music experiences.

SXSW Panel
12 March, 4pm
Fairmont Hotel

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Moderated by: Luke Ritchie - Creative & Strategic Advisor, San Francisco Symphony & Reactional Music
Anne McKinnon - CEO, Ristband
Robin McNicholas - Founder & Director, Marshmallow Laser Feast
Jesper Nordin - Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Reactional Music