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10 New Forms of Business: Making immersive a reality

It's well known that audiences for traditional out of home experiences have decreased in recent years, with cinemas and theatres still rebuilding and waiting for a return to a market and audience they used to know so well. The longer this rebuild takes though, the greater the opportunity there is to try new things, create new cultural markets and engage new audiences. Immersive XR feels as if it's been locked in a state of Research and Development for a long time now, with the exhibition of works confined to major festivals or brief installations in established arts institutions. In this discussion, we'll speak with international leaders of permanent year-round institutions and exhibitors of immersive works to understand what it takes to make this a reality, and how does a business adapt to the exhibition of authored creative XR work? We'll talk about funding & investment, pricing, programming, marketing, mistakes, regrets, successes, audience experience and more.

SXSW Panel
10 March, 10am
Fairmont Hotel

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Moderated by: Ben Luxford - Director of UK Audiences, British Film Institute
Kelley Szany - SVP of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center
Ulrich Schrauth - Artistic Director, VRHAM! Festival Virtual Reality & Arts and Artistic Advisor UBS Digital Art Museum
Myriam Achard - Chief, New Media Partnerships and Public Relations, PHI