2023 Partners: British Council, Arts Council England
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The Invited

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SXSW XR Experience
12 - 14 March
Venue: Congressional Ballroom, Floor 3 - Fairmont Hotel

"The Invited" reimagines the gothic story of Dracula in a solitary séance in which an animated pop-up book serves as a conduit for Dracula’s curse to re-enter the modern world. The participating audience are The Invited. One guest at a time is presented with an AR device and a hand crafted pop-up book. Each turn of the page reveals an intricate kirigami world that fills with AR holograms to tell the story of Vampire X’s unholy desires. The 20' experience is a poetic and touching but haunted ride through the torments of unconsummated love. The Invited is part of Future Art and Culture produced by British Underground at SXSW funded by Arts Council England with additional support in 2023 from the British Council.

Directors: Davy McGuire, Kristin McGuire
Executive Producer: Studio McGuire
Producer: Davy McGuire, Nesta Nelson, Dan Tucker
Contact: Kristin McGuire info@studiomcguire.com