2023 Partners: British Council, Arts Council England
Panels → Bring The Noise: an immersive revolution in music

Bring The Noise: an immersive revolution in music

SXSW Panel
13 March 10:30-11:30
Venue: Room 18CD - Austin Convention Center , Floor 4

A group panel focused on immersive events with musical roots or collaboration. Featuring 'In Pursuit Of Repetitive Beats' Director Darren Emerson (multi award winning XR filmmaker), Max Cooper (Immersive and Musical Artist) and Hayley Popler (Factory International). The panel discuss the new opportunities and affordances of immersive tech and how to use these to reach new audiences and create new forms of experience that unite, connect and inspire music lovers. Painting a hi-tech future for music IP that puts audiences at the heart of musical experiences in a more engaging and playful way than ever before.

Dan Tucker - Executive Producer, East City Films
Darren Emerson - Director, East City Films
Max Cooper - Artist, Mesh
Hayley Popler - Senior Digital Producer, Factory International